Cristian GaldamezSochie SamuelsFelix OlmedoCarmen TurrentineBlanca Oseguera
  • If you guys want to lose weight or get big, Here is the right place for that and you will have the best trainers.They will get you a nice body in no time. But they will make you pass through hell but trust me is worth it
    Cristian Galdamez
  • They love my kids I love them. OTG treats you like family.
    Sochie Samuels
  • One of the best decisions I have ever made was coming to Off the grid. The staff make you feel like family and at the same time will push you beyond your limits because they know you can do it, they believe in you and as long as you are willing to put in the work they will never stop pushing you to be better than you used to be. Thankful every day to have an amazing group of people push me and motivate me to always get better. My boy Brandon has never let me down, pushes me so hard because he knows I can do it. Ya'll ain't ever gonna get rid of me!
    Felix Olmedo
  • I can tell you better tomorrow. I already feel like I won't be able to walk. Great workout. I hate starting over but here we go again
    Carmen Turrentine
  • I just recently joined and I have to tell you all its the best Gym I've ever gone to. I have been needing something fun,intense and full of love and support and this is exactly what OFF-THE GRID TRAINING has giving me and I thank God for allowing me to cross paths with these nice caring people . I strongly recommend this to all .
    Blanca Oseguera